A History of Innovation, Service, and Results

DeMars & Associates, Ltd. originated in 1988 as a consumer consulting firm. Drawing on the grassroots, regulatory and consulting background of its founder, Jo DeMars, the firm spent its first year conducting research and training programs for such diverse organizations as the Michigan Divestiture Research Group (funded by Michigan Bell) and Ford Motor Company and its Consumer Appeals Board.

It was the success of the first year that was the cornerstone for developing DeMars' national reputation. Highlights include:

  • Jointly conducting national training programs for nearly 2,000 volunteer arbitrators who provide resolution for the owners of Ford and Lincoln-Mercury products.
  • Creating the first national training program for volunteer arbitrators staffing Chrysler's program, using creative techniques like including matching experienced and novice arbitrators.
  • Coordinating grassroots community education programs funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Coordinating town hall meetings with public policy experts, consumers, school and business leaders on issues concerning telecommunications.

Today, DeMars & Associates provides program operations and service to Fortune 100 firms and international organizations. Its offices are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin -- in the historic Andrew Frame Residence.

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