CAP-Home for Home Warranty Disputes

Program Information

The Construction Arbitration Program for Home Warranty Disputes is a service offered to homeowners and builders to resolve warranty disputes related to new home construction. Local Arbitrators review construction defect claims and other issues provided for in the warranty documents.

The principles of dispute resolution incorporate the notions of balance and fairness, and require:

  • The decision be made by a neutral party

  • All parties have the same rights and responsibilities

  • Demonstration of both the fact and appearance of objectivity

  • Avoidance of any conflicts of interest

  • Operation within the rules of the program

  • Decisions on every matter to be expressed in clear and understandable language

The Arbitration Process

DeMars & Associates handles all administrative aspects of the arbitration process including case intake, screening, scheduling and document collection/ distribution

  • Arbitrator is hired as an independent contractor & paid on a per-case basis

  • Most cases are processed and resolved within 40 days

  • Arbitrator is contacted immediately upon receipt of eligible case

  • Only concerns covered by the home warranty will be reviewed

  • Most arbitrations are completed in approximately two hours, however, the length of arbitrations will vary and may last up to one day

  • Arbitrator will render decision within 48 hours

  • There is an established decision letter template; arbitrator will only need to provide a brief reasoning for decision

Arbitrator Qualifications

  • Home Inspector or residential construction experience for standard disputes

  • Architect or Engineer for structural disputes

  • Expertise in new home construction is required

  • Demonstrated ability to remain impartial and comply with all disclosure requirements

  • Arbitration Training will be provided *

To submit your resume to be considered for this position, please email Amelia Wichert, the Program Manager, at

*The CAP-Home Training Program carries the NACHI "Education Approved" seal. Attendance counts toward NACHI member continuing education requirements.


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