"As an attorney I can wish that the rest of the legal system worked as well."

- CAP-Motors Client

"This arbitrator ... was professional, patient, extremely experienced and knowledgeable.  Everyone received an opportunity to present all evidence and contentions in a polite and efficient manner and to follow up with anything they wished to add ... Very impressive."

- CAP-Home Client

"Regardless of the outcome this has been a great experience.  Thank you to everyone involved on a job well done and keeping me informed throughout."

- CAP-Motors Client

"Thank you for all your help, your diligence has made a world of difference with this project."

- DRX Client

"I expected the process to be fair, and it was. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would be very happy to use this process in the future if needed."

- NetNeutrals.com Client


Without your help we would have never been able to reach the right person or persons to be effective and to air our frustrations, concerns, and fears for our safety.  Everyone should have the opportunity to be heard you and yours made this happen and the results were never on our radar... We are very satisfied costumers and Thank you for everything!!!  

- CAP-RV Client

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