Our Online Dispute Resolution Services



NetNeutrals.com is an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program, an innovative way to manage disputes or disagreements online.

NetNeutrals.com helps consumers and businesses quickly resolve disputes with its simple process and convenient online forum.  Use our free direct negotiation forum, or request a skilled Neutral with technical expertise to join the discussion and help you reach resolution.

For additional information regarding NetNeutrals please contact the Program Manager, Amanda Martinez, at amartinez@demarsassociates.com.



NetNeutrals EU

NetNeutrals EU is an Online Dispute Resolution service for businesses and consumers based in the EU and around the world.  We specialize in helping resolve disputes across borders in a simple and efficient manner.  

Consumers and businesses can communicate directly through an online Conciliation process to try and reach resolution.  Parties can also invite in a third-party Neutral for mediation and adjudication.

NetNeutrals EU is compliant with the EU directive for Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution.  NetNeutrals EU is a certified ADR scheme in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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