Recreation Vehicle Warranties

The Dispute Resolution Program for Recreation Vehicles (DRP-RV) is a free service for owners of recreational vehicles with warranty disputes.

The DRP-RV program currently provides services to owners who purchased their RV in the United States and Canada. The Program provides a mediation component and allows RV owners and manufacturers an avenue for a timely resolution of disputes.

In the mediation, the parties are invited to discuss the dispute and to jointly develop a resolution with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediators are attorney-mediators trained on the specific rules and guidelines of the DRP-RV program.

DRP-RV Program Brochure

DRP-RV Statement of Issues

DRP-RV Program Rules

To file a DRP-RV claim:

As of May 1, 2019, the following are participating manufacturers in the DRP-RV Program:

To be updated soon:


Additional information regarding Mediation and Arbitration may be obtained by contacting CAP-RV at 262-549-6700 or website at You may also contact the Florida Attorney General’s Office Lemon Law Arbitration Program at 850-414-3500 or website at

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