The following two paragraphs were written by Jo DeMars for the corporate report.  The sentiments are a lasting reminder of who we are for both us and our clients.

At DeMars & Associates we recognize people represent our most valuable asset.  The individuals who handle the tasks in the field with impressive professionalism are a constant source of recommendations to us for improvement and change.  Their creative problem solving, combined with unreserved dedication, enable us to progressively manage the programs by proactively keeping us ahead of challenges.Our internal staff's youthful attitude consistently meets the pressures of constant, overlapping deadlines with optimistic energy.  Based on the foundation of solid knowledge of arbitration policies and procedures, we have watched the staff face confusing and conflicting issues, and competently identify appropriate solutions.

DeMars & Associates is staffed by an enterprising team of full-time professionals and independent contractors.  The administrative staff at DeMars & Associates handles everything from accounting and data entry to case compilation and distribution tasks.  They do this work with an impressive degree of accuracy.

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