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Recreation Vehicle Warranties

The Consumer Arbitration Program for Recreation Vehicles (CAP-RV) is a free service for owners of recreational vehicles with warranty disputes.

The CAP-RV program is currently operating in the state of Florida, and provides mandatory mediation and, if no settlement is reached, binding arbitration to RV owners and manufacturers to resolve disputes involving recreation vehicles under Florida's Lemon Law.

In mediation, the parties are invited to discuss the dispute and to jointly develop a resolution with the assistance of a neutral third party.  In arbitration, the parties bring their case to an Attorney Arbitrator who reviews the complaint, inspects the vehicle, hears testimony and makes a decision.  Arbitrated decisions are binding on the manufacturer, once accepted by the consumer. Arbitrators and Mediators are attorneys and/or dispute resolution professionals trained on Florida lemon laws, and the specific rules and guidelines of the CAP-RV program.

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To file a CAP-RV claim:

  • contact your manufacturer
  • contact your local dealer or service center
  • contact Anne, the CAP-RV Program Coordinator, at afoye@demarsassociates.com or call 800-279-5343

"Thank you for all your help ... I believe you are the reason the settlement was accomplished."
     - CAP-Motors Client, September 20, 2012

"I'd like to complement you on the way you have managed your part of this process. You have been appropriate, professional, responsible and highly reliable ... When people do their job as well as you have, I strongly believe that their quality should be acknowledged."
    - CAP-Motors Client, September 4, 2012